Volunteer Information

Library assistant
This is our most vital need: without assistants, we cannot open the library for patrons.

Library assistants staff the library for 30 minutes on Sunday mornings on a rotating basis. They help patrons check out or renew materials and re-shelve returned items. Training for this position takes about 15 minutes (information on the check-out procedure is available here).

Staffing the library is a wonderful way to meet other members of the congregation. Working as a team with your child can also become a great educational opportunity.

Library assistants make the library the resource that it is. Without them, we cannot open to patrons. With your help, we could open the library after both morning services, providing an even more valuable resource to the congregation.

For more information, contact Sylvia Duggan at syduggan@verizon.net.

Catalog maintenance
Three types of assistance are needed to maintain our card catalog: filing, data entry and printing. Below are descriptions of the type of help needed

Filing: add newly printed cards to the metal card catalog in room C4. Filing can be done whenever the building is open and the room is not in use otherwise. Filers must be able to alphabetize. The job may require some standing.

Data entry: type circulation information into “Library Mate” software on your computer (Windows 98 or higher). We would provide the software and completed accession forms with all the data to be entered.

Printing: Print sheets of perforated catalog cards from our “Library Mate” software, using your computer and printer. We would provide the software, perforated cards, and reimbursement for your ink expenses.

To volunteer, contact the Sylvia Duggan at syduggan@verizon.net.

Special projects helpers
We hold periodic work days and book sales, for which we need helpers who can make a limited time commitment.

Work days are typically held on Saturdays from mid-morning to late afternoon, with lunch provided. On work days, volunteers help clean the library, repair books and organize the shelves.

Book sales are typically held over a series of 2-3 Sunday mornings. Helpers would lay out used books on tables, collect money, make change and clean up afterwards.