Church History for Kids

Peril and Peace
Chronicles of the Ancient Church

by Brandon and Mindy Withrow
207 pages

Monks and Mystics
Chronicles of the Medieval Church

by Brandon and Mindy Withrow
223 pages

Find it: Teen, YA Wit
Color code: Orange

Local authors, Brandon and Mindy Withrow, have undertaken the task of writing a multi-volume history of the church for youthful readers. And the results are a wonderful gift to the church, both providing a helpful historical resource and narrating lives and events in a way that engages and inspires.

The first volume, Peril and Peace tells the story the early church from the time of the apostle Paul to Saint Benedict, figures whose accomplishment shape the church even still. The Withrows help us see the struggles, triumphs, mistakes, and growth of the first Christian centuries as God sent his people on mission among many cultures and nations.

The second volume, Monks and Mystics covers the centuries from Pope Gregory I to the reformers Wycliffe and Huss, as the church moved forward in a world marked by the growth of Islam, theological controversy, church divisions, new learning, and spiritual decline. Follow the story of God's people as the stage is set for the Reformation and the emergence of the modern world.