Communion and Feeding

Blessed are the Hungry: Meditiations on the Lord's Supper
by Peter J. Leithart
190 pages

Find it: Sacraments, 265 Lei

In this concise collection of essays, Leithart takes an intriguing look at the typological framework of sacramental theology. He provides expositions of Bible stories that involve the centrality of table fellowship with God. When you participate in the Lord's Supper, Leithart shows, you are being fed the fruit of the Tree of Life, participating in the sacrifice of the altar as a priest, entering the land of milk and honey.... and so much more.

His expositions on various feeding stories in the Bible reveal the clues communion holds to the meaning of all creation and history. With skill, Leithart blends technical theological discussions with wonderfully meditative reading.

"I doubt that anyone could walk away from reading this little paperback book of meditations without having a perspective adjustment and a greater appreciation for God's revelation of Himself and the means of grace He has blessed."
--R. Goulden, Charlotte, North Carolina for Christian Book Distributors