Apologetics: Lifting the veil on truth

The Face of Truth: Lifting the Veil
by William Edgar
144 pages

Find it: Apologetics 239 Edg

We all want truth. So we say. But looking into the face of truth can be difficult. Here is a book with honest answers to honest questions: Can God be known? Hasn't science disproved the Bible? How can a good God allow evil? Aren't all religions pretty much the same? Traversing the worlds of art, music, philosophy, and popular culture, William Edgar takes us to the root of such questions, where we come face to face with the One who is truth itself.


Video: For your horse-loving girls!

Saddle Club: Horse Crazy (DVD)
approx 100 minutes
recommended ages: 8-12
based on the book series by Bonnie Bryant

Find it: Family Video V Goo

Love appears to be in the air at Pine Hollow. First, there's the arrival of Skye Ransom, a teenage star who arrives to shoot a film at the stables. When a female journalist comes to interview him, she catches the eye of confirmed-bachelor Max. The Saddle Club girls decide to assist Max in his budding romance--a relationship that might not survive their help!

Meanwhile, Kristi and Megan fall in love with a cowboy teaching a Western Clinic at the stables. His stories about a cursed mystery horse lead the girls into an exciting adventure.


Fiction: O'Malley family series

Find it: Fiction, F Hen

Orphaned as children, the O'Malley siblings learn to nurture one another and look out for the interest of others. This six-book series by Dee Henderson follows their adventures as first responders.

Book 1
The Negotiator
Kate O'Malley, a hostage negotiator in Chicago, is a legend on the force, willing to walk into any situation. But an airplane bombing, tragic family news, and the appearance of a brother Kate didn't know she had will change her family's life - and her own - forever.

Book 2
The Guardian
U.S. Marshall Marcus O'Malley has a case to solve, an assasin to stop, and a beautiful witness to protect. He thought he knew all the risks of his assignment--until he fell in love. Now he's come face-to-face with his past. Will he learn to trust God again?

Book 3
The Truth Seeker
Lisa O'Malley is a forensic pathologist and mysteries are her domain. When U.S. Marshal Quinn Diamond enlists Lisa's help in investigating a suspicious arson death, he begins to question Lisa's lack of faith in light of her family's beliefs. As they debate the case and the concept of faith, Lisa discovers the identity of the killer too late.

Book 4
The Protector
Jack O'Malley is a fireman who is fearless when it comes to facing an inferno. But when an arsonist begins targeting his district, his shift, and his friends, Jack faces the ultimate challenge: protecting the one lady who witnessed the arsonist.

Book 5
The Healer
As a trauma psychologist, Rachel O'Malley deals with disasters for a living---her specialty is helping children. But when a school shooting rips through her community, she finds herself confronting more than just grief among the kids she's trying to counsel.

Book 6
The Rescuer
Stephen O'Malley is a paramedic who has been rescuing people all his life. But he's running now--from the burden of his profession, the grief of losing his sister, and a God he doesn't want to trust. He's run into a mystery. Stolen jewels are turning up in unexpected places, and his friend Meghan is caught in the middle of the trouble.


Relationships: marriage God's way

Sacred Marriage
by Gary Thomas

Find it: Family & relationships, color code purple

Is happiness the ultimate goal of marriage, or is there a greater purpose? Thomas helps you understand the Lord's intention for matrimony-for husband and wife to reflect the character of Christ. See how God wants to use your marriage as a spiritual discipline to draw you closer to Him, who is happiness.

"As a marriage & family therapist, I must say this is the best book on marriage I've read. Gary is absolutely biblical and his insights are inspiring.... If you want to make a good marriage great (and glorify God)--this is the book."
--reviewer Troy B. from Phoenix, AZ for Christian Book Distributors


Video: Why baptize children?

Why Do We Baptize Our Children? (DVD)
Third Millennium Ministries
approx. 45 minutes

Find it: 264 sacraments
For a limited time, see the "Baptism resources" display

Have questions about infant baptism, but don't have much time to read? Try this educational video.

In a clear and lively presentation, Dr. Richard Pratt (Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Fla.) explains why many evangelical Christians practice infant baptism. He focuses on three biblical principles on which a number of denominations build their convictions about this subject: The people of the covenant, baptism as the sign of the covenant, and the significance of baptism.

The simple but in-depth presentation will benefit new believers and mature believers alike. It provides practical perspectives for all Christians, especially for parents of young children.


Commentary: Isaiah

The Prophecy of Isaiah
J. Alec Motyer
544 pages

Find it: Prophetic books 224.107 ISA

After over three decades of studying and teaching Isaiah, Alec Motyer presents a wealth of comment and perspective on this book. Although his emphasis is on the grammatical, historical, structural, literary and theological dimensions of the text, Motyer writes with an eye on its meaning for Christians today. Based on the author's knowledge of the Hebrew text, but utilizing the New International Version, the commentary easily accommodates readers without knowledge of Biblical Hebrew.

Service Sunday

Did you miss the library table at Service Sunday on Sept. 17? It's not too late to get involved in this ministry.

We're always looking for new faces to join our team of Library Assistants. If you can operate a date stamper and put items in alphabetic and numeric order, you've got all the skills you need to help!

Library assistants work a 30 minute shift Sunday mornings between the two services on a rotating basis (once every 4-6 weeks). Duties include helping patrons, checking out materials, reshelving returned items and tidying shelves as needed. It's a great way to get to know Tenth Church members and regular attenders.

We have other special needs throughout the year. As new books are added to the library, they must be processed for circulation ("accessioning"). In the coming months, we hope to process a large number of items all at once during a special work day. Training would be provided. This event could count as "library science" credit for homeschooling children.

We also need assistance mainatining the card catalog. From entering data into cataloging software to printing and filing cards: it's a great way to serve the church by making the library more user friendly.

Tenth Library needs you! Contact Sylvia Duggan at syduggan@verizon.net for more information.

For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them. --Romans 12:4-6a


Reading Contest Winners 2006

Thanks to all the kids and teens who participated in the 2006 Tenth Library Summer Reading Contest! Participants wrote a few sentences about each book they read. For every 5 points worth of books they read, they could redeem a basic prize. These included fun stuff like bubbles, superballs, yo-yos, bookmarks and keychains. Some turned in book sheets on 15 points worth of books and redeemed "mid-level" prizes. These included jewelry, videos, paperbacks and tote bags.

Our top two readers in each age division took home the grand prizes, bookstore gift certificates.

Youth Division - age 11 and younger
First - Rebecca Hormann, $25 Barnes & Noble gift card

Second - Victoria Duggan, $20 Barnes & Noble gift card

Participants: Ben Rein, Kate Shover

Teen Division - age 12 to 18
First - Eleanor Linton, $25 Barnes & Noble gift card

Second - Noah Cohen, $20 Barnes & Noble gift card

Participants: Hannah Cohen, Josiah Cohen, Beverly Jeanette Linton, Joshua Ryken, Allison Wattenbarger

The goal of the contest is to get more families using the library. We definitely saw a big increase in the number of patrons visiting during June, July and August. Next year we hope to see more kids and teens turning in sheets and taking home prizes.


What's New

The Tenth Church Library is continually acquiring new materials for readers of all ages.

Check this website regularly to read descriptions of some of the latest additions. These typically include some beautiful picture books for children, fiction for both kids and adults, new CD format audiobooks from Focus on the Family, helpful Bible commentaries, and thought-provoking theological works.


Volunteer Information

Library assistant
This is our most vital need: without assistants, we cannot open the library for patrons.

Library assistants staff the library for 30 minutes on Sunday mornings on a rotating basis. They help patrons check out or renew materials and re-shelve returned items. Training for this position takes about 15 minutes (information on the check-out procedure is available here).

Staffing the library is a wonderful way to meet other members of the congregation. Working as a team with your child can also become a great educational opportunity.

Library assistants make the library the resource that it is. Without them, we cannot open to patrons. With your help, we could open the library after both morning services, providing an even more valuable resource to the congregation.

For more information, contact Sylvia Duggan at syduggan@verizon.net.

Catalog maintenance
Three types of assistance are needed to maintain our card catalog: filing, data entry and printing. Below are descriptions of the type of help needed

Filing: add newly printed cards to the metal card catalog in room C4. Filing can be done whenever the building is open and the room is not in use otherwise. Filers must be able to alphabetize. The job may require some standing.

Data entry: type circulation information into “Library Mate” software on your computer (Windows 98 or higher). We would provide the software and completed accession forms with all the data to be entered.

Printing: Print sheets of perforated catalog cards from our “Library Mate” software, using your computer and printer. We would provide the software, perforated cards, and reimbursement for your ink expenses.

To volunteer, contact the Sylvia Duggan at syduggan@verizon.net.

Special projects helpers
We hold periodic work days and book sales, for which we need helpers who can make a limited time commitment.

Work days are typically held on Saturdays from mid-morning to late afternoon, with lunch provided. On work days, volunteers help clean the library, repair books and organize the shelves.

Book sales are typically held over a series of 2-3 Sunday mornings. Helpers would lay out used books on tables, collect money, make change and clean up afterwards.


General Information

The Tenth Church Library is housed in the northwest corner of the "Catacombs" in Room C4. Hours of operation are 10:30am - 10:55am each Sunday.

The library offers a wide array of Christian media for all ages, including books, video, and audio. Childrens materials are grouped by age and color-coded: red for children under 8, yellow for intermediate readers age 8-12, and orange for teens.

The library also has a special section, color-coded green, which features Tenth authors including James M. Boice and Philip G. Ryken, as well as PCRT seminar tapes. Resources on relationships are grouped and color-coded purple. This section has books, video, and audio on topics including dating, marriage, divorce, infertility, and parenting.

A majority of the collection focuses on Bible commentaries, theology, Christian growth and discipleship, missions, church history, biography, and adult fiction.

We are constantly adding new materials to make this a valuable resource for the church. Please stop by and make use of the wonderful materials.


Used Book Needs

Below is a list of materials that have been missing from Tenth Library for five years or more either because we have no contact information on the borrower, or the borrower has not returned the item after several overdue notices.

We would greatly appreciate donations of good condition used (or new) copies of any materials on the list to replace these missing items. Please contact the librarians at syduggan@verizon.net to arrange drop off of your donations. Thanks so much for your support of this vital ministry!

Ashley, Meg; Danger on the Quarry Path
Andres, Dorothy Westlake; Everywhere I Go
Alexander, Eric; How Great Thou Art
Arensen, Shel; Test of Tribal Courage
Bailey, H.W.; Danger on the Alaskan Trail
Barnhouse, Donald; God’s Methods for Holy Living
Barnhouse, Donald; Mark, the Servant Gospel
Berkouwer, G.C.; Sin
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich; The Cost of Discipleship
Boice, James; Daniel
Boice, James; The Foundation of Biblical Authority
Boice, James; Psalms Vol. 1
Brem, M.M.; The Man Caught by a Fish
Briscoe, Stuart; Bound for Joy
Brown, Stephen; Welcome to the Family
Bunyan, John; The Pilgrim’s Progress (hardback)
Calvin, John; The Harmony of Matt., Mark, Luke and John 1-11
Davidson, A.; The Story of Baby Jesus
Davis, John; The Westminster Dictionary of the Bible
Deane, Barbara; Caring for Your Aging Parents
Edwards, Jonathan; The Works of Jonathan Edwards
Elliot, Elizabeth; Let Me Be a Woman
Elliot, Elizabeth; The Liberty of Obedience
Erdman, Charles; The Book of Exodus
Fausset and Brown; Critical and Explanatory Commentary on the Bible
Flying House; Blast off for the Past/Star Spangled Night (VHS)
Foster, Richard; Freedom of Simplicity
Geisler, Norman; Christian Apologetics
Graham, Billy; Facing Death
Graham, Billy; Hope for the Family
Griffiths, Michael; Get Your Church Involved in Missions
Golden Books; Three Bible Stories: Noah’s Ark, David, Jonah
Hillam, C.; Jennifer of the City
Hughes, R.K.; Disciplines of a Godly Man
Jackson, Dave & Neta; Journey to the End of the Earth
Kesler, Jay; Ten Mistakes Parents Make with Teenagers
Kidner, Derek; Genesis
Kolbrek, Loyal; The Day God Made It Rain
Lawhead, Stephen; Arthur
Leppard, Lois Gladys; Mandie and the Buried Stranger
Leppard, Lois Gladys; Mandie and the Missing Kin
Leppard, Lois Gladys; Mandie and the Silent Catacombs
Lewis, C.S.; Mere Christianity (hardback)
Lewis, C.S.; Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer
Lewis, C.S.; The Great Divorce
Machen, John Gresham; What Is Faith?
Matranga, Frances; The Big Top: My Story
McCusker, Paul; Strange Journey Back
McCusker, Paul; High Flyer with a Flat Tire
McGee and Me; Star in the Breaking (VHS)
Mears, Henrietta; A Look at the Old Testament
Metzger, Will; Tell the Truth
Murray, John; The Sovereignty of God
Nesbitt, Jeff; Setting the Trap
Nesbitt, Jeff; Mountaintop Rescue
Niebuhr, Hulda; The One Story
Perretti, Frank; Piercing the Darkness
Powell, John; Why Am I Afraid to Love?
Ransome, Arthur; Swallows and Amazons
Rees, Paul; Christian Commit Yourself
Spurgeon, Charles; Lectures from my Students
Trapp, Maria; The Story of the Trapp Family Singers
Veggie Tales; Esther (VHS)
White, Paul; Jungle Doctor Meets Mongoose
White, Paul; Jungle Doctor’s Hippo Happenings
Wycliffe; Who Brought the Word